Saturday, July 6, 2013

The #1 Most HARMFUL Product You Are Using!

People often tell me they cannot afford to go completely organic.  I get it- I totally get it.  Organic personal care products have ingredients that are definitely more expensive than what we are used to using.  Here’s the thing- you’re going to pay now or later because these products are literally making you and your body sick!  But, let’s say you still can’t afford to change your ENTIRE regiment.  I get asked the question all the time- "if I HAVE to change only ONE thing, what should it be?"  My answer?  "DEODORANT".  STOP using antiperspirants and deodorants filled with chemicals.  I'll be as clear and brief as possible.

#1. Antiperspirants do exactly what they are made to do.  Stop you from sweating.  Why is that bad?  Think about it.  Your body’s sweating process is a natural and necessary function.  Did you know your body sweats out chemicals and toxins that you ingest and put on your skin daily?  The body also releases hormones by sweating.  By inhibiting your body’s process to do that, THOSE chemicals and toxins are TRAPPED inside your body. And, they sit there.  Manifesting. Building up. Growing. Until guess what- they begin to morph your cells into, you guessed it, the C word.  CANCER Especially breast & prostate.  Why are so many people getting breast cancer, including men?  That leads me to

#2.  Parabens.  Parabens are in virtually all bath, body, beauty and personal care products today.  And guess what? They are in food as well.  The pharmaceutical industry uses them as preservatives and so does the food industry and if you don’t know what parabens do, GOOGLE it.  It is scary stuff, my friends.  When people are diagnosed with breast cancer, ALMOST EVERY CASE has parabens in the breast tissue and malignant breast tumors.  Parabens are also found in plastic and have higher absorption when that plastic is heated.  So, there you are, microwaving your lunch in a plastic container and those nasty parabens you are eating are travelling their way through your body right there to your breast tissue.  I sound crazy, right?  Yet, it happens. Parabens have been deemed as xenoestrogens (agents that mimic estrogen in the body).  Breast cancer is an estrogen-positive type of cancer meaning it literally FEEDS on estrogen.  What about other cancers? Remember, breast cancer can metastasize and lead to bone, lung, liver & other cancers.  

#3. Aluminum. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s, causes oxidative stress in breast tissue and other tissue causing irreparable damage to DNA. Aluminum robs the body of other nutrients and accumulates in the brain. It also accumulates in the bones, liver & kidneys. By sitting in the bones, it weakens them and is suspected of causing osteoporosis. Aluminum has absolutely no benefit whatsoever for the body.

#4. Other chemicals.  In my other blogs, I have written about the nasties like propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and formaldehyde. Why would you continue to expose your body to these?

So, ok, you want me to get rid of my antiperspirant, but what is the alternative? What makes POOFY ORGANICS deodorant so much better than those other ones? Well, for one thing, it is USDA certified Organic which means you have ZERO chemicals to worry about.... Let’s look at the ingredients:

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil- this ingredient itself has antibacterial and odor absorbing properties and is great as a skin conditioning agent.

Organic Beeswax- this also has antibacterial and odor absorbing properties. This helps to make the deodorant smooth and keep it in stick form.

Organic Unrefined Shea Butter- gives a creaminess texture to the deodorant and helps to sooth the skin.

Organic Cocoa Butter- gives the deodorant a great smell, is a skin conditioner and helps to absorb wetness.

Organic Arrowroot Powder- soothes the skin. Was used in ancient times to heal wounds from arrows. This helps to absorb the sweat.

Aluminum-Free Baking Soda- used as an odor absorber.

Organic Essential Oils- used to help with odor, are antibacterial and release when sweating. 

AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SCENTS:  Peppymint Tea, Lavender Chamomile, Patchouli Citrus Clove, Almond Clove, Sweet Lemongrass, Orange Creme, & Pina Colada (great for kids).  

This DEO is thicker & tackier than most deodorants/antiperspirants you may be used to and you should apply about half of what you'd normally use. The stickiness subsides as it absorbs into your underarms. We suggest waiting 10 minutes or so before dressing so that the natural oils can be absorbed by your skin rather than your shirt. Like all deodorants/antiperspirants, some staining can occur.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Your irritation is mostly due to a baking soda sensitivity and if that is the case, we have a SENSITIVE version for you that uses Zinc Oxide rather than Baking Soda!

So, let’s recap. Our deodorants are USDA organic, neutralize without harmful chemicals, are naturally antibacterial, soothe and absorb sweat NATURALLY rather than stopping the process altogether, and are LESS expensive than the other "natural" deodorants out there! What more can you ask for!!!

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